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Welcome to SIS

Sisters In Survival is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation that was founded by four ovarian cancer patients who met during chemotherapy. It was a devastating time in all of our lives. But during the weeks and months that we battled through treatment, we offered each other support, strength, and (best of all) laughter.

Looking back, we marvel at how—during a time of such personal adversity—we had the good fortune to find each other.

Ultimately, each of us was lucky enough to receive the best treatment that our medical community could provide. But we knew then—as we continue to know—that not all women are as fortunate.

Mission Statement

The mission of this foundation is to assist sisters-never-met who are being forced to settle for less-than-optimal care because they do not have the resources to pay.

Less-than-optimal care is deemed unacceptable to the Sisters in Survival foundation, and it is our ultimate goal that no woman will receive otherwise.



What We Do

Sisters in Survival works directly with gynecologic oncologists, medical imaging centers, and other community partners to provide financial support for medications, diagnostic procedures, and certain life expenses to ovarian cancer patients who, otherwise, could not afford them.

Ovarian cancer is an equal opportunity enemy. It does not strike based on one’s ability to pay. While some can afford to fight it head-on with everything in the medical arsenal, others are forced to forgo anti-nausea medications because—even with insurance—they can’t afford the high cost of the co-payments.

Sisters In Survival is an all volunteer, donation-driven organization. Over ninety-seven percent of the money we receive goes toward providing treatment and diagnostics to patients who need help now…today.

Tomorrow is not an option.

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