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The Journey

Ovarian cancer.
The doctor’s words hang in the air.
You stare across the desk. Forever, it seems. Then you hear yourself say, no.

The rest of the words are heard in bits and pieces. An operation…recovery time… chemotherapy.

Then the word remission breaks through the fog. Hope. A candle on the horizon. Miles away from where you’re sitting. But still…hope.

And so it begins: the operation and the scar that will forever define and divide you. The treatment that will cause you to lose your hair, your strength, and your way.

But, as the weeks turn into months, each time you enter the chemo room, you feel one step closer to the horizon. And you are so very grateful that you can afford the medicines that make it possible for you to keep going.

Hope. It’s the place where ovarian cancer patients hang their hats, their wigs, and their head scarves.

Sisters In Survival is deeply committed to all women who make the journey.

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